"Train your brain to work for you... rather than against you!" - Dave Austin
Introducing the "Beast Mode ON" 30-Day Challenge
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May 10 2017
For years I've been watching "this program or that program" getting all hyped up. But, if you DON’T GET YOUR MIND RIGHT FIRST, NOTHING…and I mean nothing…IS GOING TO WORK…like you’d hope it would!! What I’m talking about is… all the latest and greatest tips and tools to make you millions…and the “secrets” on how to be a success.

At the end of the day, NOTHING really changes in your life or business (at least for the majority of people out there). Nothing seems to stick, and now all you’ve got to show for it is a bunch of “SHELF-help” products taking up space on your bookshelves!!

I’ll tell you exactly why… it’s because unless you CHANGE your mindset, until you “bull-shift” your subconscious beliefs, NONE of these programs, tools, tips, or techniques are going to work consistently for you!! OUCH!It may sound harsh, but after years of working with pro athletes (and entrepreneurs) on getting them mentally prepared and “in the zone,” I know without a shadow of a doubt…

The 30-Day Challenge is designed to transform the way you think, act, and behave. It will provide you with a greater understanding of how the mind works and show you how to get the most out of life and your efforts towards success. By taking this Challenge, you will experience more: 1)…Clarity, Focus, and Results 2)…Optimism, Gratitude, and Abundance 3)…Courage, Confidence, and Self-Discipline.


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"Beast Mode ON"
30-Day Challenge
BEAST MODE ON is my challenge to you to up your game with immediate results. It is a program that uses my most effective mental performance training tools…and is the “secret weapon” to get your mind working for you rather than against you! BEAST MODE ON combines these tools with a unique method of anchoring them into your sub-conscious mind. It is the cutting edge of human performance to elevate your results. It’s fresh, innovative and different…

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What's included in the program
8 LIVE TRAINING Group Calls:
Small group atmosphere where we are able to get inside your head and extract out all of those mental blocks and self-sabotaging habits that are keeping you from your greatest accomplishments.
BE A BEAST 12-Step Video Series
Proven system where you train like the pros with the pros with access to the entire library and extra benefits such as Dave’s XF Series “12-Step Process” videos, “The VIZ,” “Winning Habits,” and training calls.
20-Minute PRIVATE CALL with Dave
Plus, interact with NFL, MLB, and Olympic athletes, along with an AFL quarterback, our military elite, CEO’s and internet marketing gurus, as well as other entrepreneurs, all who are in our Private FB Group.
Highlights from our BE A BEAST Community

Such an amazing group of individuals participant in our "Beast Mode ON" 30-Day Challenges, including one of the top-performing Army Rangers in the Best Ranger Competition, a Navy Seal, and professional athletes who share some of their best training methods and experiences. You or your business might not be in a “life or death” situation, and you might not have millions watching as you compete while a scoreboard publicly shows your wins or losses, but why not learn from the “best of the best” exactly how to take your life and business to the next level...and become a part of the "BE A BEAST" family!!
MLB Texas Rangers 
Left-fielder, JASON BOTTS
Major league baseball left-fielder, Jason Botts shares the BE A BEAST principle: OHWEL the Koala which helps shift those "oh hell" moments into "oh well"
AFL Arena Football
Quarterback, SHANE AUSTIN
Professional quarterback, Shane Austin talks about how the principle of FAIHO keeps him centered with a trust in himself and the faith to achieve greater success
U.S. Navy Seal
Former Navy Seal, ROBERT B. EKONIAK
Robert talks about the BE A BEAST principle: ENSUOT the Otter, which is all about teams, community, cooperation, and collaboration
U.S. Army Ranger
Trevor shares personal stories of how the principle of R.E.S.P.A. the Alligator snaps him back into the highest level of focus
Mental Performance Coach
Extreme Focus Certified Coach, EFRAT AVNOR
Efrat is from Israel and shares the principle of VALDEPA and her personal experience of using "visualization" while in a bomb shelter
September Dorhmann
"I encourage all of my team members at CEO Space, an entrepreneurial community that has recently been named as 'the #1 must attend conference' for entrepreneurs in both FORBES and INC Magazine, to take this challenge because of the impact I know it makes personally. It has made a significant impact on me."
Betsy Westhafer
"After taking this challenge twice, I can now say these principles are engrained into the fabric of who I am, as they consistently help propel my life & business forward. I can't wait to see what happens the next time around. The 30-Day Challenge is now a permanent part of my business & personal development strategy."
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